Costumes inspired by famous movies

As usual for a tally of the hottest Halloween costumes 2019, you need look no further than the silver screen. Hollywood has long determined what kids will be wearing on Halloween night, and usually October’s hottest costumes come directly off the list of the hottest summer films of the year.


For kids this year, the Captain America Muscle Toddler/Child Costume is the most popular so far, with the Power Rangers Samurai Red Ranger Muscle Child Costume coming in second. Movie costumes with fake muscle built in are all the rage this year, which promises to be the Halloween of bulky movie heroes.


Avengers: End Game was one of the most popular films of the summer, based on the classic comic book series of the same name. Power Rangers is the new version of the long-running Power Rangers series. It airs on Nickelodeon, appealing to a new generation of children.

For girls’ most popular Halloween costumes 2019, classics dominate. The Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume is currently the most popular, with its bold, bright colors and fun accessories. Harry Potter costumes dominate again this year for girls, bolstered by the current success of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, the most recent in the franchise…and the final in the outrageously popular series.

Monster High, a line of stylish dolls based on horror movie characters, inspires another popular girls’ costume, the Frankie Stein Child Costume. This costume includes a blue plaid dress and Frankenstein-like wig with gray and black striped hair.

For teens, video games rule for guys, movies for girls. The Halo 3 Deluxe Master Chief Teen Costume, from the ever-popular Halo series of video games, is huge this year. Girls will be wearing Alice in Wonderland costumes, thanks to the DVD popularity of the Tim Burton movie from last year. The Mad Hatter Tween Costume for girls features a flirty mini-skirt, jacket, and cute small hat. The costume is stylish and fun and apparently in abundance this Halloween.

Adults will be inspired by games, as well. Angry Birds, currently considered the most successful app of all time, has the most popular adult male costume. The Red Angry Bird Adult Costume features a fun foam pouch to which you add your own stuffing. Throw on a pair of tights and you’ll entertain the masses. The Joker from Batman Dark Knight is still popular with adult males, as is the Pirates of the Caribbean costume. While adult males like to stick with the classics, they still seem to prefer film characters.

For women, the most popular costume is the new Miss Scissorhands Adult Costume. This female version of the 90s film features scissors for hands and a sexy black slashed miniskirt. The Sexy Swashbuckler and Deluxe Red Riding Hood costumes are popular as well. And, just like men, women are loving the Red Angry Birds costume this year. Other Angry Bird costumes are available, as well, including the Yellow Angry Bird, Black Angry Bird, and King Pig.

Movies, an app, and classics…two of those three are on every hot Halloween costume list. But with the addition of an app to the popular costumes list, the hot Halloween costumes 2019 list may just be a sign of things to come for future Halloweens.

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